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Volkswagen scrap value

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Image of scrap car Volkswagen


Photo of sold scrap car Honda Civic

Honda Civic 2008

Damage level 85%
Price $ 700
Photo of sold scrap car Dodge Journey

Dodge Journey 2010

Damage level 40%
Price $1 500
Photo of sold scrap car Acura EL

Acura EL 2004

Damage level 35%
Price $ 900
Photo of sold scrap car GMC Acadia

GMC Acadia 2011

Damage level 45%
Price $1 600

Most popular questions

How to get cash for scrap Volkswagen To turn in your Volkswagen for scrap metal and get cash, you need to contact «Toronto Scrap». Experienced managers will advise you, agree on a convenient time for the appraiser to visit, and offer the best price for your car. After agreeing to the terms of the transaction, you will receive payment in cash on the spot. The company also provides a free towing service for your vehicle.
How much is a scrap Volkswagen worth On average, you can get from 200 to 10000 CAD for scrapping a Volkswagen Golf or Jetta, depending on the year of manufacture. Larger models such as the Passat or Touareg are typically priced in the 400-20000 CAD range.
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What Is The Volkswagen Scrap Value?

The cost of scrapping a car depends on several factors:
● the model;
● year of manufacture;
● weight of the car;
● general condition.
The newer and larger your Volkswagen is, the more valuable it will be to recycling companies. Only a professional appraiser can tell you the exact amount for your specific Volkswagen after a detailed inspection of the car. «Toronto Scrap» employs experienced specialists who will conduct an examination and offer the best possible price for your Volkswagen.

How Can I Scrap My Volkswagen For Cash?

If you decide to part with your Volkswagen junk cars and want to sell them at a profit, then the best option would be to sell them for scrap. Our company specializes in buying autos of any condition and offers attractive prices for scrapping Volkswagens.
The process of getting your vehicle for scrap is very simple. All you need to do is contact «Toronto Scrap» representatives by phone or through the form on the website. Experienced company managers will advise you and agree on a convenient time for an appraiser to come to your car.
After inspecting your car, the experts of our company will offer you a fair market price for the repurchase. At the same time, the company guarantees the honesty and transparency of the transaction — you will receive the maximum possible cash for junk VW. Payment is made immediately after agreeing to the terms.

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